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Bioland Scientific : RT-PCR Reagents - Buffers Chemicals Gloves Transfection Reagent Genotyping Reagents PCR Reagents and Supplies siRNA and microRNA Enzymes Pipette Tips Bacteria Culture Supplies Slides, Box and Mailer Water Purification Parts Bottles & Cubitainers Cell Culture Supplies Freezer Boxes & Racks RephiLe System Parts Western Blot Products DNA, RNA, Virus Purification Centrifuge ...

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10uL. 10. 25uL. 20. ... Required Volume/ Reaction. Purified PCR Product [90-500bp] 5 ng/µL. 15 uL. Purified PCR Product [501-1500bp] 20 ng/µL. Purified PCR Product ...

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Jun 14, 2009 · If you are running a standard PCR reaction, all you need to do is dilute your 100 uM stock 1:10 to make a 10 uM stock. Then when you prepare your PCR reaction you just add enough of your 10 uM primer solution to your PCR reaction such that the final primer concentration is 1 uM (a 1:10 dilution). Hope this helps.

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Laboratory Products Sales, a woman owned small business, is a customer focused distributor of laboratory supplies, reagents and equipment. Here you will find more than 6000 products used in Life Science Laboratories as well as useful protocols for many procedures in molecular biology.

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PCR Clean-up through Capillary Run. When submitting plates for PCR clean-up, samples MUST be submitted in 96-well, semi skirted PCR plates with a reaction volume of at least 6uL. Products are purified using ExoSAP.

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Obviously, a perfect primer set will have a primer efficiency of 100%. In other words, for every PCR cycle, the number of copies of the PCR product will double in size during the logarithmic phase of the PCR reaction. To get a 100% primer efficiency for all of your primer sets is highly unlikely.

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