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Sep 02, 2002 · Obviously we need to change this if we are trying to accurately model a Zener diode. There are two parameters that need to be set to model the Zener breakdown region: BV is the breakdown voltage and IBV is current at the breakdown voltage. To model an 8 V Zener diode, typical values for these parameters might be: BV = 8 V. IBV = 20 mA

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*vvvvvvvv Included SPICE model from 1N4007.mod vvvvvvvv .MODEL 1N4007 D(IS=3.872n RS=1.66E-02 N=1.776 XTI=3.0 EG=1.110 + CJO=1.519E-11 M=0.3554 VJ=0.5928 FC=0.5 ISR=1.356E-09 + NR=2.152 BV=1000.0 IBV=1.0E-03 Tt=4u) *^^^^^ End of included SPICE model from 1N4007.mod ^^^^^ Diode 1N4148.model 1N4148 D(Is=5.84n N=1.94 Rs=.7017 Ikf=44.17m Xti=3 Eg=1 ...

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Unlimited SPICE Models: Fast, Easy, and Accurate Finally, there is a simple program available to alleviate the difficulties of SPICE model development. SpiceMod, the SPICE modeling spreadsheet, gives you the power to create an unlimited number of SPICE models for thousands of semiconductors.

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DI1N4004 is the manufacturer's diode model, Da1N4004 is our derived diode model. SPICE circuit for comparison of manufacturer model (D1), calculated datasheet model (D2), and default model (D3). SPICE netlist parameters: (D1) DI1N4004 manufacturer's model, (D2) Da1N40004 datasheet derived, (D3) default diode model.

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