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Remember, if you run the 700R4,you need to leave the lower tab on the AFB carb throttle shaft for the TV cable. (unless you get that in the pan valve body adapter to eliminate the TV cable) Same thing goes for the TH350 kickdown cable.

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Feb 13, 2012 · I'd like to use this thread to tee up a discussion on the overall topic of electronic speedometer options for our vehicles. I've run into the problem with my diesel conversion (617 into a 380SL) and ROLLGUY is having a similar problem on his transmission swap of a 722.4 into a 300SD that originally came with an electronic speedo 722.3.

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Have the big hole in the c6 tailshaft from where the speedometer gear, cable ect. were. I am not using a speedometer and would like to remove (and save) all the speedo hardware and find a clean way to block off the hole.

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700R4 Speedometer Housing O-ring (also fits Olds TH350) $ 1.75 Add to cart; AODE / 4R70W Superior Super Servo Seal Kit. K085-SS $ 9.00 Add to cart; BUSHING, O-RING & SEAL. TH350/700R4/EARLY 4L60E EXT HOUSING RESEAL KIT $ 7.00 Add to cart; Chevy TH350 Speedo Housing O-Ring $ 1.75 Add to cart; Dodge Chrysler Speedometer Housing O-Ring $ 3.95 Add ...

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Apr 05, 2005 · Speedo cable will work, but you will need to match the drive gear in the trans to your wheel/tire combination and rear end ratio. If you want to keep the column shifter, check out Lokar. The column indicator will not be correct and you will not be able to manually shift into 1st gear, but most folks don't seem to mind that too much.

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Can be Used as an English (MPH) to Metric (KPH) Converter for Your Existing Speedometer. Designed to be used for On-The-Fly Speedometer Ratio Changes for 2 speed gearbox & differential assemblies (typically used in heavy trucks). Easy to Readjust for Seasonal or Multiple Sets of Tires. cable bracket etc for the swap, $80 or so. The 700R4 doesn't have a vacuum modulator so that vacuum line as well as the kickdown cable can go away, make sure to plug the vacuum line. The 700R4 uses a TV cable to control part-throttle shiftpoints, line pressure, and kickdown.

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