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The air injection smog pump pushes air into the exhaust system right after the exhaust manifold, to help intercept and burn those unburned fuels. The system is critical to help cars achieve government emissions standards. So, the law says you need a secondary air injection system.

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Chevy Camaro 2010, 8-Stack Intake Manifold by Inglese®. Make your engine function at its full efficiency by choosing from our comprehensive selection of top-grade performance air intake parts. Crafted by the industry-leading...

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Nov 29, 2006 · I have a 1985 chevy 454 motorhome, it has air pipes on both exhaust manifolds with an air pump. The air pipe on the drivers side broke, causing an exhaust leak. I got the old air pipe off, but am having a very hard time getting the new one to fit. What effect does it have if I leave the air pipe off and just put four plugs in the holes.

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6) Plug in oxygen sensor and small vacuum line to left rear of upper manifold. Plug in large injector wiring harness. 7) Mount the ignition coil assembly. Note the spark plug holders that go on the right side. Plug in the two electrical connectors on either side of the coil assy. Plug in the spark plugs. Snap them into the routing channels. Volant Performance OPEN ELEMENT AIR INTAKE 1997-2000 CHEVROLET CORVETTE C5/Z06 5.7L V8 $ 319.90 Volant Performance OPEN ELEMENT AIR INTAKE 1998-2002 CHEVROLET CAMARO SS, Z28 5.7L V8

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Oct 11, 2011 · Well, in a nutshell, the CPI system does not use a Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor and the intake manifold plenum is aluminum metal and was used from 1992-1995 on the 4.3L V6 engines only. The CSFI does use a MAF sensor and the plenum is plastic and was used from 1996 on up on the 4.3L, 5.0L and 5.7L engines.

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Sep 29, 2015 · Multiport Fuel Injection (MFI/MPFI) is quite different. Everything from the heads up has to be replaced. The intake manifold up to right in front of the intake ports is just for air. Each air runner of the manifold has a port that the injector fits into. This one requires a more complex control system than TBI does. Below are pics of the AIR pump deleted, and the Oil drain plug I used to cap off the exhaust manifolds plug for my 1995 LT1. The 94 and Early 95's are the same size, The later 95's and 96 Models are different and use a 5/8" Flare Cap nut to plug the manifolds. These can be found at Lowes or Home depot.

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