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• How to install Altium Designer 2016 • Understanding Altium Designer • Walk-through example • PCB design best practices • Anatomy of a PCB 2 Credits: Unless explicitly stated all source material is from the Altium website and. Altium training documents.

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用这两个划线工具其中之一,在PCB板的任意层画一个任意的图形,这个图形的外框线条必须是闭合的,然后选择design----board shape-----define from selected objects-----PCB板边框生成。最好是用上图中最右边的蓝色划线工具,在mechanical1机械层1中画PCB板的边框。

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Dec 15, 2020 · To update the Board Shape to match the selected outline, run the Design » Board Shape » Define from Selected Objects command. If the board includes board cutouts, these can be created by selecting the outline of the cutout and running the Tools » Convert » Create Board Cutout from Selected Primitives command.

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Define 2 3.625 4.625 2.000 1.680 2.250 Define 3 4.125 5.125 3.000 2.680 3.250 Define 4 4.625 5.625 4.000 3.680 4.250 Define 5 5.125 6.125 5.000 4.680 5.250 BRACING (BY OTHERS) K L CEILING TYPE - GYP: Gypsum Board F K L F CEILING TYPE - FSR: "Flangeless" Gypsum Board GYP Length Order Code K - Body L - Cutout F - Flange to Flange 2F0 23.000 23 ...

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Shift ‘ i basılı tutarak çerçeve çizgilerinin hepsini seçelim. Sonra Şekil-11.A’daki gibi Board Shape >> Define from selected object tıklayalım ve Şekil-11.B’deki gibi açılan pencereyi “Yes” diyelim. Şekil-11.C’deki gibi çerçeve çizimi yapıldı.

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Sep 27, 2012 · The Expand button converts a compound shape into either a path or a compound path (the latter if the command originally produced a cutout shape). The Pathfinder buttons on the bottom row of the panel produce flattened, cut-up shapes from multiple selected objects. See pages 341–346. Bridges and Frames. When milling the contours of your PCB at the end of the fabrication process, it is necessary to hold it place. That's why we define small areas (bridges) at defined points around your PCB, where no material will be removed by the milling tool.

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