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最近よくAmazon API Gatewayで遊んでいたのですが、あまり考えずにAPIを作成したり削除したりしていたら削除済みのAPIのロググループがたくさん残ってしまい、なんとなく邪魔だったので一括削除した際のスクリプ …

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Usage Logging¶ radosgw maintains an asynchronous usage log. It accumulates statistics about user operations and flushes it periodically. The logs can be accessed and managed through radosgw-admin. The information that is being logged contains total data transfer, total operations, and total successful operations.

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A MySQL database server uses binary logs and relay logs that are used to manage changes between Gateway database instances in a Gateway cluster. The binary logs API Gateway: Managing binlog (binary log) files with the maintenance script.

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The fluid in a graduated cylinder should be read at the of the meniscus.

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The issue here turned out to be the Sitecore.Services.SecurityPolicy setting. By default it only allows local requests to the API and as I have more servers in the mix and a load balancer on Staging I needed to allow remote requests with a patch file like so:

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Mar 19, 2019 · The Strawhecker Group (TSG) is pleased to announce its payment gateway winners for its annual ‘Developer/API Awards’. Read the press release. Powered by TSG’s Gateway Enterprise Metrics (GEM) platform*, the firm is recognizing the following Payment Gateways due to their excellent API performance from a merchant’s and developer’s perspective. TSG assessed and integrated with many

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The Ultra-High performance Open Source API Gateway with middlewares. KrakenD helps application developers release features quickly by eliminating all the complexities of SOA architectures while offering a unique performance.

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