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First time with Arduino and AVR microcontrollers ... So this is a bit of a continuation on my 555 timer based PWM ... I used ATtiny25 controllers running at 31.25KHz ...

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에 대한 Arduino 기준에analogWrite() 따르면 대부분의 핀에서 PWM 주파수는 ~ 490Hz입니다. 그러나 Uno의 핀 5와 6, Leonardo의 핀 3과 11의 경우 ~ 980Hz입니다.

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- The drive uses a full H-bridge driver module Infineon chip BTS7960 composed of high-power drive, with overheating overcurrent protection. Pair BTS7960 H-bridge driver circuit, with a strong drive and braking effect, effectively isolate the microcontroller and motor driver!

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Is it possible to set a PWM frequency to 25kHz? I have connected a High Power LED driver to a TLC5940 and I get a buzz when dimmimg LEDs. I tried editing the config file of the library and changed TLC_PWM_PERIOD to 320 and TLC_GSCLK_PERIOD to 0 the pwm target frequencies may be of concern since pwm frequencies on arduino analog write pins are 1KHz or 500Hz. you might try running timer 1 in fast pwm mode with a top value of 640 to get a frequency of 25KHz. you'll have to map your pwm reading to a value between 0 and 639, then stuff that into the appropriate output compare register. i ...

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PWM. The Fading example demonstrates the use of analog output (PWM) to fade an LED. It is available in the File->Sketchbook->Examples->Analog menu of the Arduino software. Pulse Width Modulation, or PWM, is a technique for getting analog results with digital means. Digital control is used to create a square wave, a signal switched between on ...

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