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Socket Size: Differential pressure feedback EGR bolts (nuts if applicable) 53 lb/in, 6 Nm : ... Shock absorber bracket-to-axle U-bolt and nut (Ford axle) 35 lb/ft, 47 ...

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I am at a loss.... have a 2002 Sonoma 4x4, want to find the correct axle nut size so I can buy a socket. I have searched this forum, Google, etc and have gotten misleading information - 35mm, 36mm and even 1 3/8" (I assume this is a cross from the actual metric size). I have tried to get my...

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i. Refer to the desired pattern as indicated in the Tooth Contact Pattern chart. j. After the prope r pattern has been established, you can remove the carrier, remove the pinion, and install the crush sleeve and or preload shim stack along with a new pinion seal and nut. (use thread locker on the nut) Set pinion preload to factory specs. k.

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Axle Spindle Nuts, Washers and Hardware. Trailer Parts Superstore® offers a large selection of axle spindle nuts, washers, tang washers and cotter pins to fit almost any type of trailer. Spindle Hardware should be inspected frequently and replaced if they show signs of wear, or during complete hub rebuild or replacement.

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Socket. In case of a socket wrench, it fits completely over a nut or a bolt. Such a wrench also requires a handle. Hence, most of them have an in-built joint. When socket wrenches are used, they need not be removed completely from the head of nut or bolt after the completion of the turn.

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For a diatomic molecule with a bond order of 2 which of the following statements must be true_

Converting our Metric Sizes to US There are 25.4mm to 1 inch, so it's easy to convert any millimeter size to inches by dividing it by 25.4 or multiplying by 0.0394. To save you the trouble, we made the calculations for you in the table below for our most common sizes of crystal. The original nut is 30mm, which you should be able to use a 1-3/16 socket on as well, but in my experience, the Beck/Arnley replacement nuts are not. I believe they're like a 1-1/4 or 1-5/16. The CV axle will easily pull out of the transaxle, almost too easily when you don't want it to. 1-1/4" is 31.75mm and 1-5/16" is 33.34mm.

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