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Nov 24, 2014 · Black Mambazo (meaning Black Axe but no relation to LBM) originated from Alexandra Township and was "discovered" by Rupert Bobape in 1956. Generally the group included Elias ‘Shamba’ Lerole, his brother, Aaron Jake Lerole, Zeph Nkabinde, and sometimes his brother Simon Nkabinde, David Ramosa, Peter Khumalo and others.

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The 'ax' versus 'ask' question. First, it's important to understand that, as English goes, "ax" is a perfectly normal thing to have happened to a word like "ask."

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(Mary Black Axe, 2/95 p. 11) [registering Per pale azure and sable, two chevronels inverted between a sun and two fleurs-de-lys Or] Though this does, in fact, have a gold fleur-de-lys on the azure portion of the field, the fleur is clearly part of a charge group, and in no way duplicates the augmentations normally associated with French royalty ...

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The battle axe has a pair of rounded blades that are black with silver edges. There is a red slit-eye pendant in the middle of the focal point holding both blades together. The focal point is attached to a long handle, which has 3 white raised studs in a row on all four sides of its base for a total of 12 studs.

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Jan 14, 2019 · The Black Axe/ Aye-Axemen Members are called Aye, Amigos, Axemen or simply referred to as seven (7). They have sayings like: forgiveness is sin, he who price must pay, don’t betray your brother in the hood, and obey before complain. Supreme Eiye Confraternity/ Association of Air Lords

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Sep 19, 2018 · English is the common language used in Nigeria. However, there are three other major official languages used across the country, namely: Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo.The Yoruba people of Nigeria account for about 21 percent of the population – making them a major tribe and one of the largest ethnic groups in West Africa. A slang term referring to both a type of suggestive dance, as well a class of conjurer or folk doctor in the voodoo tradition.

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