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Array types are used in declarations and in cast expressions (§15.16). An array type is written as the name of an element type followed by some number of Arrays must be indexed by int values; short, byte, or char values may also be used as index values because they are subjected to unary numeric...

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Converts a byte array to a Guid. ... The byte array. representation Type: MongoDB.Bson..::.. GuidRepresentation The representation of the Guid in the byte array.

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"An array is a kind of data structure which allows a unique name to be given to a collection of numbered boxes or group of elements of the same type". The main purpose of array is when we need to look at the data more than once. In program examples in other articles at Byte-Notes, each [url=http...

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Byte arrays are somewhat special because Visual Basic lets you directly assign strings to them. In this case, Visual Basic performs a direct memory copy of the contents of the string. Because all Visual Basic 5 and 6 strings are Unicode strings (two bytes per character), the target array is redimensioned to account for the actual string length ...

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Internally, PHP strings are byte arrays. As a result, accessing or modifying a string using array brackets is not multi-byte safe, and should only be done with strings that are in a single-byte encoding such as ISO-8859-1.

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In C++, the file stream classes are designed with the idea that a file should simply be viewed as a stream or array of uninterpreted bytes. For convenience, the "array" of bytes stored in a file is indexed from zero to len-1, where len is the total number of bytes in the entire file. Each open file has two "positions" associated with it: The ...

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