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The top carton has a mass of 27 kg and the mass of the bottom carton is 22 kg. The coefficient of static friction between the bottom carton and the truck is 0.42, and the coefficient of kinetic friction for that surface is 0.35. The coefficient of static friction between the cartons is 0.40, and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.32.

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Force due to kinetic friction = f k = μ k N . where μ s and μ k are proportionality constants, called respectively, the coefficient of static friction, and the coefficient of kinetic friction. Following the usual notation, the forces acting on a body on an inclined plane are shown in figure 1.

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Jun 29, 2020 · Both sides of the original equation were divided by μ, thereby isolating normal force on one side while accounting for the coefficient of friction and kinetic friction on the opposite side. Example: Find the normal force of a block when the coefficient of friction is 0.4 and the amount of kinetic friction itself is 40 N.

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Block A has weight wA and block B has weight wB. Once block B is set into downward motion, it descends at a constant speed. Assume that the mass and friction of the pulley are negligible. Calculate the coefficient of kinetic friction μ between block A and the table top.

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I'm trying to work a physics problem about how to find the coefficient of static friction between two objects when given the initial velocity and distance. Specifically, the problem I am working is as follows: A crate is carried in a pickup truck traveling horizontally at 14.2 m/s.

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The block moves 3.0 m up the inclined plane. How much work is done o the block by a) gravitational force, b) force F, c) friction force and d) normal force. The coefficient of kinetic friction μk is 0.2 Work done by a variable Force Use the graph to calculate the work done to pull the object 7.0 m.

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