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My 2014 Forester specs calls for 0W-20 synthetic oil but I suspect my dealer is using conventional 5W-30 oil. So far I had 3 oil changes and everytime The sticker inside for next oil change always uses 5000 miles interval instead of 7500 miles. How can I tell if I got the right oil? Would the use of...

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Manufactures use 0W20 for fuel economy. 5W30 is used by Honda in the higher HP versions of the 2.4 The Vtec system uses oil pressure to function, thin oil results in less pressure. I get Mobile 1 5W30 for free. Most name brand filters are OK except for Fram.

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I use Pakelo FXT 5W30: top quality oil, really full synth, low density, HIGH HF/HS (friction protection, value is more than 3,1, better than many top quaity 5W40 oils), with s&s spec Anyway a 0W20 should be dangerous in summer because a medium quality oil with that low grade never will reach a value of HF/HS near to 3.

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DO NOT USE 5W30 in your car.. ! Think of it this way.. OW can go thru a passage way the size of a dime. 20W can go thru a passage the size of a dime also. But 30W can only go thru a passage way the size of a quarter. So when it gets fully heated up the molecules are too large to get thru the oil passage ways of ones the size of a dime. We use cookies to collect information about how you use GOV.UK. We use this information to make the website work as well as possible and improve government services. Use the Brexit checker to get a personalised list of actions. You can also sign up for emails to get updates for what you need to do.

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Quaker State® Advanced Durability™ SAE 5W-30 Motor Oil Quaker State® Advanced Durability™ SAE 5W-30 Motor Oil is recommended for use in all vehicles requiring the use of SAE 5W-30 viscosity grade engine oils under all driving conditions. Quaker State® Advanced Durability™ SAE 5W-30 can be mixed with other synthetic and mineral oils.

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Let's use 5W30 as a reference. The 5 represents how thick the oil is cold, and as a reference, "not thicker than 5 weight oil at -40.". The "W" represents winter cold starts. So at this point whether 5 weight or 0 weight, 0 weight would give better cold start protection. The 30 represents "not thinner than 30 weight oil at operating temperatures.

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