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James Patrick Bell passed away on July 28, 2019 after a battle with ALS. He was 66 years old. He was born in Richland, Washington on April 3, 1953. As part of an Army family, he lived all over the world including Fukuoka in Japan, Fulda and Frankfurt in Germany, and Johnson City in TN before settling in Memphis TN in 1967.

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There very few (if any) speakers at under $1,200 (used), that can match the sonic “prowess” of the Carver AL-III speakers. Sure they need lots of power to drive them but when you do, like many other owners of the AL-III speakers, there is turning back. The speakers have amazing depth and space. Soundstage was wide, tall and deep.

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Mar 05, 2006 · It depends on the DACs and audio opamps (or tubes) in the various components. I'm still using the analog outputs of my 10 year old Carver CD player because CD's sounds better than if I use the digital ouput and allow my processor to do the D to A conversion. Ok i will leave the speakers alone for now they sound good.. I think the small humm i am getting now might be from the EQ or cables.. I'll have to check later.. Other than the hiccup in the carver im back on track.. This shit is fun !!!!!

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Als de wrecking ball van Springsteen in de buurt komt van die van Radio Carver, ben ik tevreden. Ik durf dit daarom best een droomdebuut te noemen, dus ga dit horen, in bits en bytes of vanaf ouderwets vinyl. Erwin Zijleman Wrecking Ball van Radio Carver ligt in Nederland helaas nog niet in de winkel.

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I will come to you ... and i will bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder you.

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Father’s ALS diagnosis inspires student’s advocacy 09-03-2019. Leah Olson ’20 interns with ALS Association, lobbies at D.C. and in Salem. Category: Student Life, Motto, Civic Life, Undergraduate, Prospective Students, Politics,

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