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Mayan God. El habitante Maya tiene que descifrar una serie de problemas en un mundo dominado por los dioses. Juega dando click sobre las estructuras mientras el guerrero maya fortalece su sabiduria.

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With the Mayan believing in over 190 gods and goddesses, they had a god/goddess for just about everything. Chac was the Rain God. The Mayans often sought his help for their crops.

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The Maya in the northern lowlands, which encompasses parts of the present-day states of Yucatán, Quintana Roo, and Campeche, relied on cenotes (a Spanish corruption of the Yucatec Mayan word for sinkhole, dzonot) as their primary source of water. According to tradition, caves and cenotes are also the home of Chac, the Maya god of rain, as well ...

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Chaac (also spelled Chac or, in Classic Mayan, Chaahk [t͡ʃaːhk]) is a rain god and fertility deity. He is both one and manifold: there are four Chaacs, one for each cardinal direction. Chaac is often represented holding axes and snakes, which he used to hit the clouds and make rain (with assistance from dwarves). According to some sources, Chac is one of the Bacabs.

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Notice that the facial features are quite un-Maya-like. Chac-mool has nothing to do with the Chaacs [Maya rain gods]and was invented by Augustus Le Plongeon, a late 19th century Maya explorer who should be noted for his photographic contributions as well as excentricities.

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The youthful maize god served as the god of all vegetation, yet Mayans offered corn to most of their deities, including Chac, god of rain. Before each offering to Chac, Mayans would prepare corn products like tortillas. The deity would consume the spiritual aspect of the food, allowing humans to divide the physical components among themselves.

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