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Virtual Lab Calorimetry Video Lab Enzymes in Detergents Open inquiry Lab Chemical Reactions 36 Unit 1: Introducing Biology 2 2.1 atoms, ions, and Molecules 3E 2.2 Properties of Water 4B, 9A 2.3 Carbon-Based Molecules 9A data analysis ideNtifyiNg VariaBLes 2G 2.4 Chemical reactions 2.5 enzymes 9C

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A clever and informative site from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Institute of Organic Chemistry : Spectroscopy Tools: A useful site providing information for NMR, IR and mass spectroscopy. Created at the University of Potsdam. More Spectroscopy Tools: A nice collection of applications for interpreting NMR, IR and mass spectra.

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Properties of Acids and BasesChemistryAcids and BasesWhat Are Acids and Bases?Properties of Acids and BasesThe pH ScaleTitrationsBuffers It's frequently possible to tell acids and bases apart from one another by some of their easily observed chemical and physical properties. SCI 207 Week 2 Answer to Lab Question 2. This archive file of SCI 207 Week 2 Answer to Lab Question 2 shows the solutions to the following problems: In the lab questions below, report your answers in the format of a scientific report: introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusions and management recommendations.

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Chemistry investigates the ways in which matter interacts, combines, and changes. The neat thing about chemistry is that it can be applied to so many aspects of everyday life! The chemistry of foods, the chemistry of blood, and the chemistry of soap and laundry are three excellent examples of the chemistry that is all around us.

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Nov 14, 2018 · It is a traditional art of the chemistry laboratory to use these colors to identify specimens of compounds that contain unknown metals. This is no longer a common laboratory technique though highly advanced technologies use the same production of light to identify elements and to measure how much is present.

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