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Background: Escherichia coli have become the enterobacteriaceae species most affected by extended-spectrum β-lactamases (ESBLs) in view of the emergence of CTX-M-type ESBLs. These CTX-M-positive E. coli have been reported in numerous regions worldwide. Virulence determinants of already reported CTX-M-positive E. coli were investigated.

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Sep 20, 2018 · Terpene profiles also allow us to deepen our understanding of potential variations within each cannabis type. Let’s take three hybrid strains for example— ACDC , Chernobyl , and OG Kush .

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Nov 10, 2004 · Below that is a liquid outer core of nickel and iron. At the center of Earth is a solid inner core of nickel and iron. *Note: The word "lithosphere" can take on different meanings depending on the speaker and the audience.

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The molecular formula identifies each type of element by its chemical symbol and identifies the number of atoms of each element found in one discrete molecule of the substance. If such information is available in ECHA’s database and is it not claimed confidential, the molecular formula and molecular structure will be displayed here.

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These races remain on the circumference of the species insofar as the spatial link (i.e., one with a locus on earth at a given point in time) between the type (i.e., the most precise sample at a ...

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This is why the Commission decided to set up a register that would initially contain a number of document types, with a focus on legislative documents: documents with references including COM, C et SEC and other types, including agendas and minutes of Commission meetings.

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