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Summary points on divergent and convergent thinking. Both divergent and convergent thinking are essential in problem solving. Divergent thinking leaves room for ambiguity while convergent thinking strongly focuses on the exact answer. As compared to convergent thinkers, divergent thinkers tend to have better moods.

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The content of reading has a convergence of scientific evidence of what works in reading instruction. For multiple intelligences, learning styles, and student interests those appear to assist in increasing student achievement but have less of a convergent scientific research base. (Read the directions and define for #1.

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J.P.Guilford characterised the creative process as a combination of “convergent” and “divergent” thinking. Divergence is the genera- tion of many provisional candidate solutions to a problem, whereas convergence is the narrowing of the options to find the most appro- priate solution.

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I think however what you probably are looking at is a convergent sequence of functions. Even this is not that simple. A convergent sequence of functions can be pointwise Divergent functions are basically two functions whose difference of values for large values of their domain will grow larger.

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Nurses who employ problem-solving skills begin with critical thinking. caitlyn_miller38. Sectors overview; Restaurants & Clubs; Schools & Education; Hospitals ...

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Divergent thinking, characteristic of creative people, is the ability to think along many alternative paths to generate many different solutions to a problem. (see Creativity) Example: Consider the following question: What can you use a newspaper for? Answers that relate to gaining information or news represent convergent thinking. Do you have a test coming up you should have been studying for weeks ago? Don’t worry; you’re not alone, and all hope is not lost. In fact, there are a ton of effective methods you can use to learn all the material you need for your test: even if you’re a little late to …

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