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Pastor Craig Groeschel, senior pastor of Life.Church, speaks about addiction during his sermon series on "Bad Advice." | (Photo: Screencap/Life.Church) In part two of his sermon series "Bad Advice," Pastor Craig Groeschel of Life.Church names the addictions that are holding people hostage in life and shares how they can be defeated.

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Sometimes it feels impossible to reconcile the pain of our circumstances with the image of an all-loving, all-powerful God. Hope in the Dark, by pastor Craig Groeschel, explores that poignant contradiction with gentle honesty, biblical truths, and stories of people who wrestled with deeply personal questions about God and faith.

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!!> Download The Christian Atheist: Believing in God but Living As If He Doesn't Exist Author Craig Groeschel – The I Looked, The I Found Christian Atheists Everywhere Former Christian Atheist Craig Groeschel Knows His Subject All Too Well After Over A Decade Of Successful Ministry, He Had To Make A Painful Self Admission Although He Believed In God, He Was Leading His Church ...

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Pastor and bestselling author Craig Groeschel hears these words often and has asked them himself. We want to know God, feel his presence, and trust that he hears our prayers, but in the midst of great pain, we may wonder if he really cares about us.

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I am a pastor and have been for 30 years. I have an exciting marriage and have been married for over 35 years. I have 3 grown children, 1 son and 2 daughters, 1 daughter-in-law, 2 sons-in-law, and 8 wonderful grandchildren.

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we are saved by "grace." let god give you his gift of grace. remember you have been covered with my forgiveness since "calvary; now walk in freedom from the past.

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