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spring.groovy.template.expose-spring-macro-helpers =true # Whether to expose a RequestContext for use by Spring's macro library, under the name "springMacroRequestContext". spring.groovy.template.prefix = # Prefix that gets prepended to view names when building a URL.

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The Datadog registry pushes metrics to datadoghq periodically. Below is a list of the most common configuration properties you will want to change and their default values (from any property source, e.g. application.yml): ... Enabling metrics in your Spring Boot application configures a BeanPostProcessor for RestTemplate ...

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Run the following command from your Rails root: $ rails generate rollbar POST_SERVER_ITEM_ACCESS_TOKEN Be sure to replace POST_SERVER_ITEM_ACCESS_TOKEN with your project's post_server_item access token, which you can find in the interface.

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It's possible to export or download Datadog dashboards vie Datadog REST API? Creating Leads in Marketo using REST API; Creating a folder using Azure Storage Rest API without creating a default blob file

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Datadog is a type of monitoring tool which is mostly used for the cloud-based application and to monitor the database, services, servers, and other tools and also measure the performance of the applications. Datadog tool uses the Software as the service (SaaS) platform for implementation in the application.

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Run a Spring Boot app on a Kubernetes/OpenShift cluster and enable Prometheus metrics via Micrometer and Actuator. Configure the annotations to scrape the /actuator/prometheusendpoint, and check the agent logs to see that it fails with a 406.

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