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An easy step-by-step guide go making a homemade wireless antenna, for a fraction of the cost of commercial antenna. Uses readily available parts, and requires no specialist tools or knowledge. Or in geek speak - a diy homebrew omnidirectional colinear dipole design suitable for 802.11 wifi compatible hardware with external antenna connector.

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Aug 15, 2011 · Car amps are often designed to drive 4 ohm speakers, so the usual 8 ohm speaker will give it no problems. The amp I found in my junque box used "line level" input which is about 1 volt, and a guitar can do that, no problem. I used a Radio Shack 13.8 volt, 3 amp power supply and was plugged in after about 30 minutes of making connections.

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A tube amplifier has an inherent peak-to-peak asymmetry, which can be lessened or increased by varying the slope of the "loadline." In preamp stages, the plate resistor determines the loadline slope. 2nd order harmonic distortion is a positive--and is considered one of the characteristics of a good guitar tube amp.

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Feb 17, 2020 · Simple Light Activated Relay Circuit—If you are looking for a circuit that turns on the relay when light comes. It is a simple light activated relay circuit. It will control load on-off with light. 7 touch switch circuits projects—Many how to make a simple touch switch circuit project. To build easy. An Op Amp Tutorial - Derivation of the op amp open-loop transfer function, the gain-bandwidth product, and the slew rate. The Fisher KX-200 (Fisher KX200) vacuum tube amplifier was marketed in kit form in the 1960s. The schematic doesn't seem to exist on the internet.

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common electron tube amplifier works. This knowledge is then used to design an electron tube amplifier in the software tool LTspice. 2 Theory In this section a survey of the components in an electron tube amplifier is presented. The survey is meant to give the reader a fair idea of how each part of how a standars electron tube amplifier works.

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Original circuit all tube amp build. About 10 watts, 2x 12AX7 preamp tubes, 1 EL84 output tube. Cabinet is made from Puriri wood/Carbon fibre shell. 1 Bright switch that changes a cathode cap (from 25uf electrolytic cap to .1uf film cap) and incorporates a bright cap on the first gain stage.

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