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Using the equation C1V1 = C2V2, where C1=10 mM, C2=50 μM, V2=20 ml and V1 is the unknown: Enter 10 into the Concentration (start) box and select the correct unit (millimolar) Enter 50 into the Concentration (final) box and select the correct unit (micromolar)

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It is used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia and is a second line antihypertensive. Terazosin has an equilibrium dissociation constant of 1.0 nM. Epinephrine is an agonist at the alpha1-adrenergic receptor and has an equilibrium dissociation constant of 100 nM. Using the following equation

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A closer look at the Cheng-Prusoff equation, the Schild plot and related power equations. Cite this chapter as: MarÉchal E. (2011) Measuring Bioactivity: KI, IC50 and EC50.

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So for our sequence that I mentioned before, E plus S going to ES going to E plus P we have two reactions going on, one and two, which would each have their own rate equation. Rate one would be equal to rate constant K1 times the two starting material concentrations, which are E and S, while rate two would be equal to K2 times the concentration ... ToExpression[input] gives the expression obtained by interpreting strings or boxes as Wolfram Language input. ToExpression[input, form] uses interpretation rules corresponding to the specified form.

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(Equation S21) and 0 P 1 modulates the level of phage-resistance of B A (Equation S22). Finally, we add a new viral release term in the phage dynamics that accounts for phage infection of antibiotic-sensitive bacteria (Equation S23). We simulate the partial resistance model covering immunode cient and immunocompetent states (Fig. S8 top and

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The TDS of a water sample based on the measured EC value can be calculated using the following equation: TDS (mg/l) = 0.5 x EC (dS/m or mmho/cm) or = 0.5 * 1000 x EC (mS/cm) The above relationship can also be used to check the acceptability of water chemical analyses.

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