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Jun 03, 2020 · Does anybody know why an edelbrock carb would have a high idle? I've backed the screws all the way out and it idles at 1000 no lower. I was aiming for 900.-edelbrock 1406 600cfm-Manual choke-chevy 305-20 pounds of vacuum-6.2 psi of fuel-egr blocked all excess economy stuff deleted.

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EDELBROCK PERFORMER SERIES 600 CFM, ELECTRIC CHOKE CARBURETORS (CALIBRATED FOR FUEL ECONOMY) Calibrated for maximum fuel economy. Includes timed vacuum ports, EGR and fuel vapor outlet. Not for computer-controlled engines.

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Hi Paul, Happy New Year! The Power Valve on a Stromberg 97 is not vacuum driven like it is on an old Holley (or new Edelbrock) 94 carburetor. That was one of the reasons it became the preferred alternative for multi-carb hot rod use – it is far more easily controllable. The 97 power valve is mechanically operated via the throttle position.

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The manifold vacuum is measured at the base of the carb or on the intake manifold somewhere. Don't tap into just one runner, though, as sometimes this will give funny readings. You need to check the signal that sees all the cylinders. Most Holley’s have a manifold vacuum port in the front on the passenger side under the primary float bowl. also plug any vacuum ports so that the only airflow is coming through the throttle bores alone. I remove the tape and check each port individually for all cylinders. On multiple carburetor intake manifolds, I will use two carb spacers just like the single carb. On a 3 x 2 intake, I tape the two end carb pads, and flow the center carb first.

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Jul 30, 2011 · I have a Edelbrock carb# 1406 on my 73 Olds 455 w/ Hei distributor. Looking at the carb, should the vacuum advance hook up on the left or right side? It's been on the left since I've had the car and it runs fine, but I've been told it should be on the right. I appreciate any help the HAMB can give, thanks Sent from my iPhone 4 using TJJ

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Винтовые. LKC (LKVacuum). LKH (LK Vacuum). Плунжерные. H (одноступенчатые).Jan 29, 2006 · As far as the carb is concerned, it looks like all you need to hook up is the PCV valve to a large port at the base of the carb and the distributor advance line to one of the small ports at the base. You need to have a vacuum tree to hook up the transmission and brake booster vacuum lines.

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