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Since a change to the constitution to get rid of the Electoral College is highly unlikely, some states are taking matters into their own hands to try and bypass the system. Since 2007, 14 states ...

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The president of the United States is not chosen directly by voters, but by what's known as the electoral college The vote at the capitol building went ahead peacefully although a group of...

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Birch Bayh has been trying to get rid of the Electoral College for 50 years, and some people claim he is getting close to victory. That is either wishful thinking

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Dec 14, 2020 · Aides to Biden, who is scheduled to deliver an address Monday evening after the Electoral College votes, say a turn away from a contentious election and to governing is perhaps easier said than done.

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Oct 09, 2012 · Below is my column today in USA Today. We are now just a month away from the presidential election and our continued inexplicable use of the Electoral College. I have previously discussed steps that we can take to reform our political system.

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Jun 09, 2017 · The momentum seemed to be there. After Donald Trump easily defeated Hillary Clinton in Texas, two of the state's 38 Electoral College members cast ballots for someone other than the Republican ...

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