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the Chess term "en passant" is French for "In passing" and may occur when a pawn moves two squares forward and ends beside an opposing pawn that is three moves away from it's starting position.

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En passant : Now Black pawn is next to the White Pawn. White can use the "en passant" rule. After en passant : White pawn captured the Black pawn as it moved 1 square according to the "en passant" rule. Important note : If a player doesn't use this right and does another move , he will loose his "en passant right" and can not capture it again ...

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Pawn En Passant and Promotion Rules in Chess. Pawns are also special in the game of chess. They're not just sacrificial or blocking pieces. They also have a mission. And they are mandated to always engage advancing enemy pawns on their initial move, not just by-pass them. In fact, they're the only pieces prohibited to retreat.

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The CTY Chess Club is a time where all of our CTY Online Programs chess students (former and current) can get together once a week on our virtual chess environment and enjoy playing structured games as well as tournaments. The Chess Club is monitored by our highly trained staff of chess instructors and meets every Monday from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. EST. En passant definition, in passing; by the way. See more.

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If capturing En Passant, "e.p." must be appended to the message. Pawn moves. e2-e4; Pd7-d5 (Omitting the P also works) e4xd5; e7-e5; d5xe6 e.p. (En Passant capture) a7-a6; e6-f7 (Capturing, but x not needed.) Ke8-d7 (King move just to preserve continuity of this guide) f7-e8=Q (Promotion) Other piece moves. Nb1-c3 (Knight move) Bc8-f5 (Bishop move)

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Chess tactics training, with thousands of tactical positions. Get a tactics rating, and track your progress. Free registration.

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