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C#: 解决Fody is only supported on MSBuild 16 and above. 背景信息: 使用Costura.Fody插件将自己写的程序打包成一个可以独立运行的EXE文件我们在开发...那能不能把DLL等都打包到EXE文件中呢,这里就要用到Costura.Fody插件完成,超级简单方便:打开你的解决方案,依次找到...

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To fix, I ran “Uninstall-Package EntityFramework”, then ran “Install-Package EntityFramework” and since the 5.0.0-rc is pre-release, NuGet automatically installed the released 4.3.1 version. After this was done, the “enable-migrations” command ran successfully.

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最近在用VS2013去生成独立EXE文件的时候报错:"Fody is only supported on MSBuild 16 and above. Current version: 15." 报错原因:因为VS2013版本过旧,现在Fody到5.0+,Costura.Fody到4.0+,不支持低版本VS。据说是有意为之,希望大家都使用最新的VS。 Another bump from me.. just updated only to find out that the 1.1.4 version of VS Code Editor package is utterly broken and Google led me here. 2019.3.0f5 on Mac. 1.1.3 works. sakus , Jan 22, 2020 #11

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This release of Microsoft SQL Server Code-Named "Denali" includes a preliminary English version of Microsoft StreamInsight 1.2 on the installation media. To download the final version of StreamInsight 1.2 in English or another language, go to the StreamInsight download page on the Microsoft Download Center.

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Thanks a lot really appreciate your time and kind help. How did you build for /MT?. Concerning how I built the \MT . Since I could successfully create a cmake project and then a visual studio project using what I mentioned in post #2, I went on to each single project, right clicked on each of them, went to properties, C/C++ -> Code Generation -> Runtime Library and flipped the option from MD ...

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