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Exercise I: Select the correct interrogative word. Exercise II: More practice selecting the correct interrogative word. Exercise III: You provide the interrogative word.

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The map above shows which of the following empires at its greatest extent_

KS3 Spanish learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers organised by topic.

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It sounds unnatural to leave out the a, however it also seems redundant to have it, if estar means to be. I have read posts about verbal periphrasis and about verbs that come with specific adjectives attached at the end of them, like “volver a, terminar de, pensar en, etc” However i have found little info on situations such as this one ... Department of Human Resources, Human Resource Management Frequently Asked Questions.

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This lesson teaches you how and when to use ESTAR. The verb "estar" is used for more temporary, or short-term situations, whereas "ser" is used for more permanent, or long-term, kinds of situations.

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eSTAR - FMLA QUESTIONS & ANSWERS---Sent 4/14/16 . How will FMLA be handled when we go live on April 17. th? eSTAR’s Absence Compliance Tracker (ACT) processes and tracks FMLA-related leave requests, maintains FMLA documents and ensures compliance with Federal and State Laws. Current FMLA cases and future FMLA cases will be maintained by ACT. The STAR interview technique offers a straightforward format you can use to answer behavioral interview questions—those prompts that ask you to provide a...

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