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None for cure as I use a macro keyboard and you can see I have that setup just for my M1-M6 keys to cast cure 3 on party members, you can def add your own tho! Keybinds This is actually my favorite part, it really changed how I played Summoner.

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You have no Content ID for FFXI. Pleas obtain a new Content ID or reactivate a cancelled one in order to play the game and/or to use the Playonline service Of course my sudden reaction - beside the rage -was to contact SE Support.

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Apr 24, 2015 · /ma "Cure" <p1> This casts the spell “cure” on whoever is party member 1. /ma "Cure II" <stpc> This is a little trickier. <stpc> will bring up the purple arrow icon, limiting you to select only player character, ignoring non-player characters” /ma "Cure III" <t> This is a simple macro that will cast Cure III on whatever you have targeted.

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Final Fantasy XI is a massively multi-player online role-playing game. It is also unique as it is playable on both consoles and PCs, all of which connect to the same game servers. This has made it the first cross-platform title of its kind. There was great curiosity about Final Fantasy XI before its release in 2002.

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BLM and DRK would Aspir, then rest while PLD was resting through Aspir. 30 seconds later or so, stand up, PLD would provoke, DRK + BLM would Aspir, DRK would set up SA, and resume. As long as Weapon Bash / Shield Bash stopped one of the Cure IIIs, there was no problem. If it didn't stop the cure III, then it would just take longer.

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