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A pointer to a FILETIME structure containing the file time to be converted to system (UTC) date and time format. This value must be less than 0x8000000000000000. Otherwise, the function fails.

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A file attribute view that provides a view of a basic set of file attributes common to many file systems. The basic set of file attributes consist of mandatory and optional file attributes as defined by the BasicFileAttributes interface.

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Convert 18-digit LDAP/FILETIME timestamps to human-readable date. The 18-digit Active Directory timestamps, also named 'Windows NT time format', 'Win32 FILETIME or SYSTEMTIME' or NTFS file time. These are used in Microsoft Active Directory for pwdLastSet, accountExpires, LastLogon, LastLogonTimestamp, and LastPwdSet. The timestamp is the number ...

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Dec 23, 2012 · filedate = Secssince1990( FileTime (filen),4) Where filen is the name of the file (on the logger) and filedate is defined as a string. You can use the variable filedata as the basis of the name to use for the ftp server file, after cropping or changing the name to remove detail or reserved characters (from the time field).

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Returns the string representation of this FileTime. The string is returned in the ISO 8601 format: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss[.s+]Z where "[.s+]" represents a dot followed by one of more digits for the decimal fraction of a second. It is only present when the decimal fraction of a second is not zero. Converts a file time to system time format. System time is based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Syntax BOOL FileTimeToSystemTime( const FILETIME *lpFileTime, LPSYSTEMTIME lpSystemTime ); Parameters. lpFileTime. A pointer to a FILETIME structure containing the file time to be converted to system (UTC) date and time format.

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