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Sep 25, 2013 · Forensic Science - Mrs. Merrill. ... Handwriting and Document Analysis. Unit 3 - Criminal Law Background and Fingerprinting ... Fiber Identification LABS 2014.docx ...

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Comprehensive lens design and analysis package from Optical System Design, Inc. Virtual Lab: Physical optics analysis and design of lens systems, laser systems, laser cavities, diffractive optical elements and diffraction gratings. VOB: Virtual Optical Bench by Metec, Inc. Also available from Dr.V.Schmidt GmbH: WinLens

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Jul 09, 2012 · The students shared their findings in class on June 27. At this particular scene, the students each took a role in the investigation. Fung worked as a sketch artists and blood analyst; Sean Kyle worked as an evidence technician; Darshdeep Hora photographed the scene and analyzed hair and fiber samples; and Alma Sanchez-Eppler oversaw the ballistics – or bullet projectile – analysis.

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May 21, 2019 · Hair samples are one of the most important resources in the forensic analysis of crime scenes, often providing valuable information that can help to lead to the identification of a suspect or victim. Key considerations for purchasing forensic laboratory equipment : Price point is a consideration, however while there are other low-cost alternative products for forensic lab testing it is important to rely on dependable and regulatory compliant, accredited systems. Another consideration is analysis time for your particular forensic lab instrument.

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Our computer forensics experts provide the forensic services you need. Certified fraud and digital forensic examiners can work on-site or remotely to preserve your digital evidence, provide computer forensic analysis, and document forensic evidence

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CODIS requirements dictate much of what forensic labs can do. The FBI approves commercial kits that contain the PCR primers and other reagents needed for amplifying the CODIS-designated loci.

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