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New PC Crashes When Playing Games - Buzzing Noise In Headphone Then Reboot Aug 17, 2015. I recently built my pc about a week ago and when i play games, my pc screen crashes and the screen freezes (Explosions in Rocket League), I hear a buzzing noise in my headphones during the crash, and my pc reboots to windows like normal.

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Uninstall sound adapter driver from the Device Manager, restart the computer and check if that helps you. Press Windows and X keys together. Click on Device Manager. Sound, video and game controller, expand it, right click on the sound device and select Uninstall. Restart the computer after the successful uninstallation of sound Device.

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1. find Power & Sleep Settings in the control panel under System Settings. 2. scroll down and click on "Additional power settings". 3. click on "change plan settings" for whichever one you use (i...

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Jul 22, 2013 · The audio connection (optical or analog) provides a main channel for game/music/desktop sound Yesterday, I was playing around with different connections, to see what made the buzzing occur. With the USB connected to the computer, I can take the 3.5mm cable out of the computer, and the buzzing stops.

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Monitor making buzzing noise. posted in Hardware. i'm using a tv/pc monitor for my gaming pc and my monitor has been making a really loud buzzing noise whenever i plug in the ac adapter cable into the monitor.

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My Pc keeps freezing and making a buzz sound whenever I play a game: So every time I go into a game on steam, my computer starts to freeze and make a while playing game computer locks up and makes buzzing noise, my pc crashes with a buzzing sound, computer audio freezes and buzzes

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