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Disable Search Prediction In Desktop Chrome. Scroll down to Privacy and uncheck "Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLSs typed in the address bar." Head to Settings > Safari. Scroll down to the Search section and uncheck the box marked "Search Engine Suggestions.

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Then see if the vertical scroll bar in Chrome is back. If the Chrome vertical scroll bar disappeared after you added a new extension to Chrome last time, you can directly click the Extensions option under the Chrome Menu to remove the extension and restart Chrome to check whether the vertical scroll...

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A scrollable, linear list of widgets. ListView is the most commonly used scrolling widget. It displays its children one after another in the scroll direction. In the cross axis, the children are required to fill the ListView.

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Scroll bars that disappear until they are needed make more sense on a mobile device with limited screen space than they do on a bigger screen navigated by mouse or track pad. Fortunately, you can change the scroll bar behavior for your programs in the Mac's system preferences.To disable the horizontal scrollbar you enter the overflow-x: hidden in the CSS. To force a scrollbar when one is not provided use overflow-y: scroll. This can stop the browser jumping when it adds a This clips the content, but the browser does not display a scroll-bar to see the rest of the content.

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Using Always (unsurprisingly) fixes this problem by adding extra padding and using a small scrollbar style: With either Automatically based on mouse or trackpad 1 or When scrolling the scrollbar is sometimes okay: (Less padding, but still plenty usable. The scrollbar is actually slightly less tall than with Always.) But sometimes bad:

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Imagine a vertical scroll bar with a blob (I’ll use this terminology) in a size representing canvas size vs. document size. If you click the left button inside the scroll bar – no matter where, the concent moves up (meaning your focus goes down) nearly page-wise. If you click the right mouse button, the opposite happens.

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