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In order for a cell to become specialised, a process called Differentiation occurs, where unspecialised cells (called Stem Cells) produce cells with specialised structures. All multicellular organisms contain some form of Stem Cells. These are the cells that divide to replace damaged or old tissue, or new cells for growth.

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Within an animal's body as oxygen is used up and carbon dioxide produced, the concentration gradient of the two gases provides the direction for their diffusion. For example, as air or water nears the respiratory membrane, the oxygen concentration on the outside of the membrane is higher than on the internal side so oxygen diffuses inward.

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Bees within a colony work together to perform colony level tasks, just as the cells in a human body work together to build and maintain a functional person. A few basic examples of this are thermoregulation (temperature regulation of the hive), respiration (air exchange into and out of the hive), and reproduction (creation of a new honey bee ...

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Chromatin -- found only in the cells of eukaryotic organisms -- is the complex of DNA and a specialized suite of of proteins that are organized in beads, wrapped with DNA, and the string folded, at multiple scales, to allow the DNA to be packaged into the neat nuclear structures called chromosomes that we see through the microscope. Cells come from preexisting cells. Cells can perform all life processes. All living things are made of cells. The cells in a multicellular organism are specialized to perform a particular function. A group of related cells that work together make up _____.

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Nov 27, 2020 · The study, directed by Isabel Fariñas and published in the November digital edition of the journal Cell Stem Cell, reveals that the inflammation produced by a bacterial infection 'alerts' the ...

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All of the specialised cells in an animal develop from stem cells. An early animal embryo contains stem cells that have the potential to divide and develop into any type of specialised body cell. Yeast reproduce asexually by budding (form small, bud-like cells that break off & make more yeasts) Asexual spores called conidia form on the tips of specialized hyphae called condiophores; Ascocarp – specialized hyphae formed by parent fungi during sexual reproduction; Ascus – sacs within the ascocarp that form spores called ascospores

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