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On the AAM-7.6, pinion depth is adjusted via a shim under the inner pinion bearing. Preload is set via the crush sleeve. You can do a quicky fix by over-crushing the existing crush sleeve. This can work but, it often only prolongs the inevitable (replacing the pinion bearings and races).

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TASK Measure and adjust drive pinion bearing preload. CDX Tasksheet Number: C782 1. Research the procedure and specifi cations for measuring and adjusting drive pinion preload in the appropriate service information. a. Specifi ed drive pinion preload: in-lb/Nm b. How is the drive pinion preload adjusted on this drive axle?

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2. Check ring gear and pinion contact pattern. 3. Unmatched ring gear and pinion. 3. Replace gears with a matched ring gear and pinion. 4. Worn teeth on ring gear and/or pinion. 4. Replace ring gear and pinion. 5. Loose pinion bearings. 5. Adjust pinion bearing pre-load. 6. Loose differential bearings. 6. Adjust differential bearing pre-load. 7.

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bearing onto the drive pinion. SST 09506-30012 9. ADJUST DIFFERENTIAL DRIVE PINION PRELOAD (a) Install the drive pinion, rear drive pinion tapered roller bearing and rear differential drive oil slinger. HINT: Assemble the spacer and oil seal after adjusting the gear contact pattern. (b) Using SST, install the drive pinion companion flange.

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Aug 23, 2011 · Get a small brush and some 'machinist blue' and put it on the pinion & ring gear teeth and keep tightening the pinion nut until it 'contact pattern' on the gear teeth is 'centered' when you rotate the pinion gear (you'll need to release the parking brake/blocked wheels to rotate the pinion gear).

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Never reuse pinion rear bearing inner race. 5. Check and adjust the tooth contact and back lash of drive gear and drive pinion following the procedure below. a. Assemble drive pinion into gear carrier. CAUTION: • Never assemble a collapsible spacer. • Apply gear oil to pinion rear bearing. b.

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