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Jul 21, 2012 · for last one month i have that problem on my Columbia 2005. The engine starts fine the problem is that throttle pedal doesn't accelerate some time and some times just disappear at the time i am driving. Went to several shops they replace censor, problem disappear for one week and then come back again. So frustrating because I have already spent

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If propeller control controls the pitch of the blades in a constant speed engine, what do the throttle control do? The throttle restricts flow of fuel-air mixture in the engine and is therefore the main control of engine power. "Throttle" really means the restriction flap in carburettor, so in diesel and...

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EGR throttle control valve faulty – internally shorted; Failed PCM - unlikely; Diagnostic and Repair Procedures. A good starting point is always to check for technical service bulletins (TSB) for your particular vehicle. Your issue may be a known issue with a known fix put out by the manufacturer and can save you time and money during diagnosis. Next, locate the EGR throttle control valve on your particular vehicle.

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This method is quite useful for controlling throttling on machines that have been poorly configured to limit their TDPs, such as the XPS 15 7590 on launch. How to use factory defaults for sleep mode only? If undervolting is a problem in such case then a dedicated profile would be handy.

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Problems can include poor shifting and hunting between gears due to the engine computer seeing apparent throttle position changes coming from a flaky TPS. Since it is the TPS that tells the engine's ECU that you are idle, if that setting is off, setting timing can be difficult, since insertion of the timing check jumper won't have any affect on ...

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Run engine until it reaches normal operating temperature and the throttle lever is off fast idle, or the idle speed control (ISC) plunger, if equipped, is at its normal idle position. Ensure transmission fluid temperature is approximately 100 - 150°F. Apply parking brake, place shifter in Neutral, remove air cleaner and shut off air conditioner. The metal housing of a throttle body usually isn’t the problem – however, carbon deposits and dirt do build up over time and diminish smooth operation of the butterfly valve. If gunk accumulation is the only issue, a simple removal and cleaning of the throttle body should correct the issues (see below for removal instructions).

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