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Iago Quotes. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Movie & TV guides. Best Horror Movies. Top 200 of all time "Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong" Our new podcast Worst Superhero Movies ...

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This quote shows Iago’s skill at psychological manipulation: he subtly plants a seed of doubt in Othello’s mind, using the couple’s own love as a weapon to increase the distrust between them. Strangle her in bed, even the bed she hath contaminated.

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May 23, 2015 · Iago laughs at him and says: “Ere I would say I would drown myself for the love of a guinea hen, I would change my humanity with a baboon.” (1.3.310-311) In other words, if he were to kill himself over a woman’s love, he would be no more a man but an ape. This expresses Iago’s disdain for love and women.

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At the same time as Iago is attracted to Othello, there is no doubt that Iago is, at times, repulsed by him, too: “Though, I do hate him as I do hell-pains” (1.1.151) “I hate the Moor” (1.3.377) I believe that the driving force behind this repulsion stems from Iago’s fear of weakness; it is true that when one is in love, he makes himself vulnerable to the person who he loves. Quotes to show Iago's deceitful nature Ironically Iago is repeatedly described as honest - this shows that Iago is such a skilled manipulator: Cassio says that he "never knew a Florentine more kind and honest"

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Aladdin (2019) Alan Tudyk as Iago. Jafar : Genie, for my final wish: I wish to become the most powerful being in the universe.

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- William Shakespeare, Iago Quotes, Act 5, Scene 2, Line 285. In this quote Iago is saying that he hasn't been killed meaning that he is the devil. Iago never confessed why he did all that he did. Emilia, Desdemona, and Roderigo die and it was all because of Iago. It was all because a handkerchief that belonged to Desdemona that represented ...

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