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News. Camel Wireless is providing international SIM cards that offer free roaming in the USA, in addition to another 50 plus countries. The offer is said to be built on what is called a Dual IMSI SIM, and each SIM card has two identities, a +44 UK mobile number and a +1 USA mobile number.

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Thanks for your reply and for your precious suggestion, i already know these things that IMSI is unique and encrypted number of sim it belongs to the service provider and during each call establishment cell get a unique number which you called TMSI and by #06# we can get our mobile phone's IMEI number, so there must be some way by which i can get IMSI number of my sim, i searched and found there are some hardware tools available by the help of which we get IMSI but it is too costly, anyway ...

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The SIM card stores, among many other things, it’s serial number (the UICCID), the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI), the secret key Ki and a few other things. When a contract is made and a SIM card is given by the network operator to the customer, these pre-provisioned values are then linked to the network operator’s ...

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Apr 11, 2008 · IMSI. SIM cards are identified on their individual operator networks by holding a unique International Mobile Subscriber Identity. Mobile operators connect mobile phone calls and communicate with their market SIM cards using their IMSI. Authentication key (Ki) The Ki is a 128-bit value used in authenticating the SIMs on the mobile network. A SIM stores necessary credentials to identify itself and authenticate to the network, including a symmetric secret key KI (key identier), a serial number ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card ID) and a unique user number IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity). GSM Authentication and Encryption.

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The SIM card also consists of a 64-bit unique number called as the IMSI or International Mobile Subscriber Identity. No two IMSI numbers are identical. Additionally, the SIM card also consists of a unique authentication key. Image courtesy: Pixabay. When you turn on your smartphone, the SIM starts to look for networks to connect to.

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Sehingga ada istilah SIM Card kosong a.k.a Kartu SIM Tanpa Nomor a.k.a IMSI nya belum diasosiasikan dengan MSISDN tertentu. Di lain pihak, MSISDN diproduksi secara terpisah (number generation) didalam jaringan provider.

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