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You are Y/N Phoenix, Aphmau's little brother. You were born when Aphmau was only 8. It's 14 years later, and you're moving out of Sylvanna's house because she passed away. Your big sister, Aphmau, agreed to let you move in. But only you, Aphmau, and Sylvanna know that your Aphmau's little brother. There maybe a couple lemons later on the story.

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Lucinda:"Aphmau...Aphmau talk to me "she says then getting close to her chest to see if her heart is beating , while Pierce looked at Asch with dead eyes. Lief then approached Asch and turned him around Lief:"I won't ever forgive if she's dead"he said with angry eyes. Rhys:"Prince Asch why would you that!"

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Aphmau Aka Jessica Bravura Was Found Dead In Her Kitchen, We Think She Must’ve Got Attacked By Someone By The Scratches And Marks On Her, But We Don’t Really Know.

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Nov 14, 2020 · DISCLAIMER* I'm not dead. 방탄소년단, 한겨울 디스코 파티 ♬Dynamite♬ㅣ2020 SBS 가요대전 in DAEGU(sbs 2020 K-Pop Awards)ㅣSBS ENTER.

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Jan 11, 2017 · Think about it... APHMAU IS SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD!!! Aaron is too... and KC, and Garroth, and Ein. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Aph got PIERCED STRAIGHT THROUGH HER HEART!!! There's no coming back from that. Aaron is long gone. Not only did he fall off a cliff, but HE ALSO GOT STABBED MULTIPLE TIMES!!! KC is dead from blood loss and how deep her gash is.

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So Mac/Macdoesit, she honestly makes Aphmau's content a little boring. Especially since she's in almost every latest video she's in. I think it's also a little annoying for me because she knows nothing about Mystreet or Minecraft Diaries (It was stated in an Uno game before.) I don't know she just came out of no where and I found it odd A submission from Nigeria says the name Aphmau means "Beautiful, popular, smart, funny, kind and most importantly an angel". According to a user from Kentucky, U.S., the name Aphmau is of English origin and means "A divine warrior". According to a user from United Kingdom, the name Aphmau means "A brave person who is a chronic warrior.".

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