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May 14, 2020 · The ultimate goal of military intelligence is to equip the command and control (C2) system with the decision-making art of excellent human commanders and to be more agile and stable than human beings. Intelligent commander Alpha C2 solves the dynamic decision-making problem in the complex scenarios of air defense operations using a deep reinforcement learning framework. Unlike traditional C2 ...

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Jan 21, 2020 · 1965 C2 Corvette 1965 Corvette Overview. As the 1965 model year approached, the design team behind the Chevy Corvette continued to refine the overall design of the C2 Sting Ray, making only minor cosmetic changes in the process. Instead, the focus for the second-generation’s third year centralized on some significant mechanical upgrades that ...

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Subatomic particle - Subatomic particle - Stable and resonant hadrons: Experiments have revealed a large number of hadrons, of which only the proton appears to be stable. Indeed, even if the proton is not absolutely stable, experiments show that its lifetime is at least in excess of 5.9 × 1033 years. In contrast, a single neutron, free from the forces at work within the nucleus, lives an ...

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Max Stable Time (Hours) A009 Class 13 W-Space 500,000,000 5,000,000 0 13 16 A239 Lowsec ... C1 to C2. C1 to C3. C1 to C4. C1 to C5. C1 to C6. C2: C2 to C1. C2 to C2 ...

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Draw the molecular orbital diagrams for C2-, C2, and C2+. Which is the most stable molecule? Which molecule(s) is/are paramagnetic?

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The bond order is 1/2(no. of bonding electrons - no. of antibonding electrons), so for F2 that is 1/2(8-6)=1 so F2 has a bond order of 1 (a single bond). Following the same for F2- you get 1/2(8-7)= 1/2 and for F2+ 1/2(8-5)= 1.5. So in order of stability you have; F2+, F2 and the least stable F2-.

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