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Since the sensitivity, which ranges from 0 to 70%, appears to be more heavily influenced by the choice of parameters than the specificity, which ranges from 98.5 to 100%, default parameter values were chosen which minimize the false positive rate at the maximum sensitivity value, i.e. default parameters were chosen to correspond to the top left ...

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For example, String parameters will show up as a plain text field. Boolean parameters will be displayed as a checkbox. Build parameters are a powerful way to make any Jenkins job dynamic and are essential to building modern CI/CD pipelines.

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CI tool is installed and setup properly. In this example, we will use Jenkins, which is a popular CI and easy to integrate with. The command will invoke Katalon Studio for execution so a Katalon build is needed for each execution machine. Configuration Steps. Create a New item in Jenkins

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Article for Jenkins Declarative Pipeline Examples Tutorial for beginners with example for each and every topics of Declarative Pipeline. submitterParameter - This will add submitter's name into the environment variable. parameters - This is the list of parameters that need to be provided by the...Jan 29, 2018 · Using Job DSL Plugin with Active Choices Plugin 3 minute read The Active Choices plugin can be used to increase the reactiveness of your parameters. Using the plugin, you are able to better plan how your parameters will react when a user changes other parameters.

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Hello everybody. I am a Java developer that recently got started with Groovy and have some questions about developing in a JenkinsCI context. In my company I inherit a company-wide shared Jenkins library that is 80% script-based (i.e. most .groovy files are scripts under /vars, not groovy classes under src/groovy).

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In the early controller example (when the json is coming directly from the controller) the correct json example should be: controller('driversController', function($scope) { $scope.driversList = [ { Driver: { nationality: "German", givenName: 'Sebastian', familyName: 'Vettel' }, points: 322, Constructors: [ {name: "Red Bull"} ] }, { Driver: { nationality: "Spanish", givenName: 'Fernando', familyName: 'Alonso' }, points: 207, Constructors: [ {name: "Ferrari"} ] }]; }); This is bacuase you ...

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