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Twenty-two persons with multiple sclerosis (mean age 56.3±8.9 years) and 22 age-matched healthy adults (mean age 59.1±7.1 years) participated in the study. Assessments of falls risk, balance, fear of falling, lower limb strength, and reaction time were performed.

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Maximum shell size, growth rate and maturation age correlate with longevity in bivalve molluscs. Journals of Gerontology: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences 66A, 183-190. PMC3107019. Finch CE, Austad SN. (2010). Blind cave salamanders age very slowly: a new member of Methuselah’s bestiary. Bioessays, 33(1), 27-29.

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Galina Alexeyevna Kulakova (Russian: Гали́на Алексе́евна Кулако́ва) (born April 29, 1942 in Logachi village, Votkinsky District, Udmurt ASSR) is a female Soviet former cross country skier, arguably the best skier on distances shorter than 10 km in the early 1970s. Kulakova trained at Trud Voluntary Sports Society.

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