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reZonator reZonator is a powerful software for designing laser resonators and calculation the propagation of light beams (as gaussian so as ray vectors) in complex optical systems. It has a modern, user-friendly interface, so you need no specialized training or programming skills to use all of its functions and tools.

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Optical System Simulation Software Diffract™ is a Fortran-based program for calculating diffraction patterns at various cross-sections of the optical path in a coherent optical system. Wavefront propagation in Fresnel and Fraunhofer regimes,. Diffract runs under Windows XP, Vista or 7.

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- bug: correction to truncation ratio displayed in the Gaussian beam table. WinLens3DBasic 1.2.1: Gaussian beam modelling enhancements for the Munich Laser Show [available 10th May 2011] - enhancement: extra Gaussian beam options, including beam propagation factor & rectangular beam profile option

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In this work, it is used the Geometry and Tracking (Geant4) software package (version 4.9.4) to simulate the passage of light through the human eye, which is an object-oriented toolkit for the simulation of particle propagation through matter . It makes use of a large number of physics models to simulate radiation transport of various particles ... Modifying the laser beam profiles can help with the stability of the melt pool dynamics in different laser welding processes. In FLOW-3D WELD, it is possible to simulate various beam profiles such as top hat, Gaussian, ring, donut, or any arbitrary shapes and distributions of the laser heat flux.

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In the first step, numerical simulation of laser beam welding of dissimilar Al-Ti sheets using the described simulation model was performed for the laser beam powers and the laser offsets given in Table 3. Based on the results of numerical simulation, parameters for the preparation of experimental weld joints were suggested.

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We develop a model for laser propagation and heating in a subcritical foam (homogeneous electron density as a fraction of critical n e,0 /n c <1). Our model describes the partition of energy between ions and electrons in an expanding foam element irradiated by a laser, and we solve for the plasma conditions generated by burning down the foam microstructure. LASER PhET activity In this activity students use the online PhET simulation software to explore Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER). Topics covered include: light absorption, spontaneous and stimulated emission, energy level lifetimes, power, and the electromagnetic spectrum.

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