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linux驱动调试–使用crash分析linux dump文件 2013年03月24日 ⁄ 综合 ⁄ 共 2031字 ⁄ 字号 小 中 大 ⁄ 评论关闭 1、kdump介绍与设置

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Linux administrators can study the Linux kernel panic log to determine root causes, or dump the kernel contents with the crash utility for later analysis. Once the cause is determined, Linux kernel panics with commands can be resolved with programming that instructs the kernel how to debug the offending program, change a configuration or file path or make changes in the BIOS .

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The crash dump is captured from the context of a freshly booted kernel and not from the context of the crashed kernel. Kdump uses kexec to boot into a second kernel whenever the system crashes. This second kernel, often called a capture kernel, boots with very little memory and captures the dump image.

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A new kernel, often called capture kernel, is booted after the crash Previous kernel's memory is preserved Dump is captured from the context of capture kernel Kernel­to­kernel boot loader enables booting a new kernel after a crash Kexec is underlying kernel to kernel boot­loader

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Crash Dump Analysis: Practical Foundations (Windows Edition) (ISBN: 978-1906717988) Modern Memory Dump and Software Trace Analysis: Volumes 1-3 (ISBN: 978-1906717995) Citrix Common Diagnostic Facility (CDF) and Microsoft Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) Software Trace Analysis: Practical Foundations (ISBN: 978-1906717179)

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The Crash Utility is a tool which integrates with GDB to inspect live Linux kernels and kernel core dump files (kdump) Provides a couple of useful features – Access to the kernel log buffer – Display kernel stack traces of all processes – Source code disassembly – Formatted kernel data structures and variable displays

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