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Jul 23, 2017 · I started to notice a strange clunking/thumping sound coming from the hood when I try to accelerate from coasting. It's most noticeable between ~20-35mph (during 2nd gear) on the freeway during slow and go traffic. Let's say i'm coasting around 30 mph and traffic speeds up, the moment I step on the accelerator and the rpm increases from idle, there is 1 clunk/thump sound.

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Apr 13, 2020 · F-150 drivers have reported problems with their transmissions when starting their vehicles, accelerating, or shifting. What Kind of Problems? Many drivers say their F-150 makes a loud “clunking” noise when starting the engine. Others have described the transmission as “slipping,” “jerky,” or “rough.”

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It's a metal on metal sound, like a grinding noise, or to me sounds like the timing chain is hitting the valve cover. I called my local Honda dealer who told me this noise is normal and that he could go out on his lot and start several random 2.4L Accords or CRV's and they would likely make the noise.

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It may be worth checking the oil pickup tube or at least examine the condition of the screen. The only thing I can think of is a temporary clog or something binding the oil pump (would have to be large debris). Keep in mind the oil pump is lubricated with unfiltered oil. The filter is after the pump (& screen).

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Mar 20, 2017 · Hi! Let me start by saying I'm not all that familiar with the mechanics of cars so any very technical response will probably just confuse me! I have a 2012 500 and for a little over a year have been hearing a clunking sound in the front when driving over small-ish bumps: patched roads, small potholes, any sort of dip or raised surface, etc.

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for the steering shaft from the engine bay side grab it by hand and see if you can wiggle it up/down or left/right, depending on which way the steering wheel is it may wiggle much more. mine i could wiggle a lot and basically make the same clunk sound i was getting by hand. problem with mine was where it bolts to the steering column, was too much clearance there and tightening that bolt did ... Might wanna try to check the Shock Mounting. mine had clunk sound because the rubber had a crack. it could bee seen when the car is parked with the wheels turned full to right or left the crack opens. it clunks the passenger side i replaced but after ripping apart the shock mount piece by piece i discovered that it might just need oil. and mechanically it wont slip out. so i left my driver ...

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