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Make sure your hair and clothing is out of the way and will not be close to the burning peanut or the match. Light the peanut, just hold the match under it, the peanut will catch on fire. Notice the long burning flame. Notice that the water in the test tube begins to boil violently. Let the peanut burn out and the test tube cool for 5 minutes ...

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Macromolecule definition, a very large molecule, as a colloidal particle, protein, or especially a polymer, composed of hundreds or thousands of atoms. See more.

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In biological macromolecules, structural patterns (motifs) are often repeated across different molecules. Detection of these common motifs in a new molecule can provide useful clues to the functional properties of such a molecule.

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Mar 31, 2020 · Enzymes are proteins, which are macromolecules that perform many varied functions within the human body. The role of enzymes is to speed up the rates of reactions occurring in the body or to initiate reactions that normally would not take place.

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A macromolecule is a molecule with a large number of atoms. The word is usually used only when describing polymers, molecules which are made up of smaller molecules called monomers. All organic monomers are based on carbon, usually with hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.

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Which building blocks (monomer) are correctly matched to the macromolecule they form? NGSQ 1 DRAFT. 9th - 10th grade. 146 times. Biology. 71% average accuracy. 2 ...

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