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Mobile devices are small computers, and like a computer, if the device is left on for extended periods, it can eventually freeze or stop responding correctly. Even though this may seem really basic, you'd be surprised how often this simple step will fix many of your phone issues.

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I just lost all my data - ( I am a teacher) when out of the blue my L380 yoga froze and stuck on Lenovo Splash screen. Called Lenovo- 10 days out of warranty- they sent the reminder to the wrong address- of course. 999 for this POS. Anyway, took it to 3 tech guys, one being at my work.

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May 14, 2014 · Every time I try to load a Wii game, the loader shows a permanent black screen which requires a restart of the console. The hard drive is being read and the games show up just like they normally would, but they don't run. The HDD is connected to the bottom (equals left in a vertical console position) USB port on the Wii.

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I decided to try Android Studio 2.0 having used Eclipse in the past but I'm having considerable difficulty getting the AVD to load correctly. I've done quite a bit of googling and research into the problem, both here on SO and Google.So far nothing has worked. The emulator simply hangs on the android load-up screen ever time I try to run it.

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Last time you attempted to launch the game (date & time/timezone): 11/30/20 2:50 pm PST Are you stuck at the loading screen or unable to select any game modes at the menu: Unable to select game modes. It says the servers are unavailable and that I'm required to be connected to the servers to play the trial.

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When your Samsung S10/S20 gets stuck at startup screen, you are sure to get stressed about it. But we have featured the basic reasons behind the issue. When your Samsung S10/S20 is getting stuck on logo, you can try force restarting it for once. Force restarting eliminates the minor glitches which...However, the app version still needs more updates. The game gets stuck on the loading screen when you want to pillage/move troops, it doesn’t give you the option to choose which city your cultural treaties go to, you can’t see or do anything with the extra plot of land on the far right and etc.

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