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Oct 04, 2017 · I used a Marantz PMD 430 for binaural nature sound recordings and eneded up with amazing recordings that tranferred well into the digital domain. © As with all vintage audio equipment, cassette decks are subject to wear and aging.

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Blue power indicator. Left/Right microphone jacks. Selector : mic, phono, tape 1, tape 2, tuner, aux. Bass and treble slider controls (for each channel). Volume. Speaker system 1 and 2 push-buttons. Headphones jack. Push-buttons on the left lower side: Tape monitor : 1 / 2, mono in L/R. Balance slider control. With black face, normal tuning knob instead of a gyro wheel and thick veneered board top and sides it does not exactly scream “Marantz”, but the style of tuning dial, signal meter, indicators, push buttons, balance slider in the middle and the entire rear panel are dead giveaways.

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Dec 01, 2014 · So you have a bunch of old audio cassettes that you want to copy or transfer to your computer. There are many gadgets and programs out there that you can buy which will make the process as simple as possible, however, since I'm a techie and my blog is all about easy to understand computer tips, I'm going to try and teach you how you can transfer audio cassettes to your computer for free.

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May 14, 2020 · The DAC502 is an absolute reviewer's dream. It contains every function that one could ever want, poured into a very responsive UI with direct access to every function, topped off with utter stability. Soundwise, this is a dead-neutral, highly-revealing DAC with a solid, punchy, crispy and no-nonsense delivery.

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