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Mi zeh melech hakkavod hashem izzuz vegibbor hashem gibbor milchamah: Bekol sheni omer se'u she'arim rasheichem use'u pitchei olam veyavo melech hakkavod . Mi hu zeh melech hakkavod hashem tzeva'ot hu melech hakkavod selah: Bekol shelishi omer 'imdu tzaddikim ve'isko battorah kedei sheyihyeh secharchem kaful la'olam habba:

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V’chol banayich limudei Hashem V’rav shalom banayich. L’ma’an achai v’rei’ai Adabra nah shalom L’ma-an beit Hashem Elokeinu Avaksha tov lach, l’ma’an beit Elokeinu. Hashem oz l’amo yitein, Hashem y’vareich et amo vashalom. Shalom ba’olam.

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This is a song we sing often at our synagogue Chai Hashem by Steven McConnell. The title means "the L-rd lives!" I say, "Halleluyah" ...

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3. Ein Kamocha 4. Kadsheinu 5. Ki Mitzion 6. Psalm 150 7. Azamra 8. Ki L'olam Chasdo. 9. Mi Chamocha 10. Tzur Yisrael 11. Nishmat Kol Chai 12. Ahavat Olam 13. Y'hiyu L'ratzon 14. Sim Shalom (reprise) 15. Ribbono Shel Ola. Kavanah: 1. Li Ata 2. Esa Enai 3. B' yado 4. Candle 5. Karov Hashem 6. Ki Eilecha 7. Hallelu: 8. L'cha Dodi 9. Psalm 131 10 ...

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Redemption Song / Mi Chamocha Hebrew words from Song of the Sea, Book of Exodus Music and English words by Bob Marley. G Em C C/B Am Mi chamocha ba-elim Adonai. G Em C C/B Am Mi kamocha nedar bakodesh. G Em C C/B Am

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Tracing the sources historically(see Yabia Omer IV, OC 47), the following theory seems likely. In the time of the Maharil, only the few p’sukim of “Mi kel kamocha …” were said, and it was probably not necessary for people to carry siddurim with them. So Tashlich went on without a hitch on Shabbat. The tradition of reading the Torah out loud in synagogue dates back to the time of Moses.The practice of "completing" the Torah reading with a passage from the Navi, called the haftarah, is mentioned in the Mishnah.

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