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@Ivkogan I've tried on 2017.3.1 / Windows 10. The include is recognised (since A, defined in new.h, is resolved correctly):. Could you please try CLion 2017.3.1? If the issue persists, please provide more details (maybe I missed smth in my testing?).

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That's a big block of text code. Can you explain how to use the mmc-utils and how this output is relevant to solving the case? Consider only include a sample of output instead of full output if it's just an example of the output, or a screenshot instead. – Vylix Aug 17 '17 at 15:14

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Nov 20, 2014 · Here is an example to make things clearer . The Image file name will vary. For this example, it is "maverick-server-uec-amd64.tar.gz". $ tarball=maverick-server-uec-amd64.tar.gz. Extract the tar file and set some variables names for its contents. Here is an example

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4 mmc See Also mmc, pvalue Examples ## Example 1 ## Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test using Monte Carlo # Set seed set.seed(999) # Generate sample data y <- rgamma(8, shape = 2, rate = 1) # Set data generating process function dgp <- function(y) rgamma(length(y), shape = 2, rate = 1) # Set the statistic function to the Kolomogorov-Smirnov test for gamma distribution

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For example, if the database name is testdb, the volume name testdb_x001 is automatically configured. The following example shows how to add a volume for which 256 MB are assigned to the testdb database in standalone mode. The volume name testdb_v1 will be created.

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Overview Raspberry Pi Camera module can be used with MDK through the HAT adapter Board. This example shows how the MDK can be configured to use Pi Camera with Camera Applications on Moto Z. The Raspberry Pi Camera module interfaces with the Host processor via a 2-lane CSI interface through the Moto High Speed Bridge.

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