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The Post-Modernism Movement -Post-modernism is characterized by the idea that all human ideas are incomplete, and that it is impossible to find resolve. -Post-modernists also believed that there is...

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Although modern Chinese government has largely attempted to promote the idea of a multiracial nationalism instead of a singular ethnic nationalism, scholars and analysts have pointed about the lack of an agreed-upon definition of Chinese nationalism may have impacted on China's political decision with regard to other non-Han people and non-Chinese nations.

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Power and nationalism in modern Africa : essays in honor of Don Ohadike / [edited by] Toyin Falola, Salah M. Hassan. p. cm. “This book grew out of a symposium in honor of the memory of Professor Don Ohadike, held at Cornell University, Ithaca, from September 22 to 23, 2006”--Pref. Includes bibliographical references and index.

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People were becoming tired of seeing their nations used as pawns against the British. Thus, nationalism developed in reaction to Napoleon's imperial reign. The main site of anti-Napoleonic nationalism was in the German states, some of which had been absorbed by France, but most of which were in the Confederation of the Rhine.

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The concept of nationalism – that shared cultural, ethnic, linguistic or geographic traits could define a group identity, and was often equated with a political state – emerged in the late 18th century, primarily among German philosophers and historians. Islamic Modernism, Nationalism, and Fundamentalism : Episode and Discourse. by Mansoor Moaddel.

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