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After migrating code to the new.NET framework (.NET or.NET Core), existing Unit test cases produces below error, ‘Assert.Throws (Func)’ is obsolete: ‘You must call Assert.ThrowsAsync (and await the result) when testing async code.’

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In the first post of this series, I established my requirements for a fluent asynchronous API, and showed what using such an API looks like. In this post, I’ll show what the code for the API …

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Sign in. chromium / external / / grpc / grpc / HEAD / . / src / csharp / Grpc.Examples.Tests / MathClientServerTests.cs. blob ...

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Nov 11, 2012 · I had the crash because of my test methods had void return type and were marked with async keyword. If exception happens inside async void method, it cannot be caught by the caller, and propagates directly to the SynchronizationContext. Every failed assert throws an exception, and therefore will crash the app.

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Sep 07, 2015 · Note: Visual Studio Unit Testing framework is limited in how it can verify exceptions are thrown. It does not have an Assert.Throws like NUnit, so the below example is catching the exception and verifying the exception type.

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Sign in. chromium / external / / grpc / grpc / HEAD / . / src / csharp / Grpc.Examples.Tests / MathClientServerTests.cs. blob ... Unit testing thread heavy applications that utilise await and async can be slightly more problematic but there are a few tricks that can make life a little easier. In this post I'll show a way to assert an exception is thrown by an async SUT (system under test). It is worth noting that there are many ways of achieving test coverage for this ...

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